My List of Top Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

Vito's chophouse orlandoI’ve only been to Orlando a couple of times but both times I had some incredible dining experiences. Although Orlando is probably best known for its resorts and shopping, I wanted to share some of my favourite restaurants with you. These come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny sandwich places like Hot Krust, to fine dining extravagant seafood places like Eddy V’s. I enjoyed every single one and cannot wait to go back to Orlando again! Continue reading

Moroccan Style Cous Cous with Roasted Butternut Squash

cous cous with roasted butternut squash and mushrooms

Cous Cous is such a versatile ingredient, there are so many ways you can get creative with it, so this is just one of the ways I like to make cous-cous exciting. I wanted to create a filling meat-free meal that was tasty, vibrant and exciting and I think this ticks all those boxes. Butternut squash is such a great compliment to cous-cous and the mushrooms just add that little extra to complete the meal. Continue reading

Nosh & Quaff, Birmingham

nosh and quaff lobster restaurant birmingham

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed with lobster. I’ve written about lobster restaurants like Lobster Kitchen in London and Steak and Lobster in Manchester in my quest to find a place in the UK that rivals the lobster you find in some areas of the States, but doesn’t break the bank. So far I’ve come across some delicious places in the UK but none that ever came close enough.

But I’m delighted to reveal that I have come across a lobster restaurant that truly rivals the places I visited in Florida. Nosh & Quaff in Birmingham is a real find, and should be on your target list next time you visit the city. It’s located right in the centre, so the perfect place to have lunch while doing some shopping. The restaurant is set in a beautiful historical building, and most of the original features have been preserved, making this a stunning location to dine in as well as offering some really delicious food! Continue reading

Halepi, Greek Restaurant, London

Halepi Greek Restaurant LondonAs per usual while travelling to London on business, I stumbled upon yet another great find! I happened to be staying in the Lancaster Gate area of London and wanted to find a restaurant near my hotel so I wouldn’t have to travel very far. This one happened to be within walking distance so I decided to try it out – I think I have found my new favourite London restaurant! Continue reading

Minced Lamb & Feta Skewers

lamb and feta skewersLamb is a popular staple at my house, we eat it at least once a week in all forms from minced, to chops to roasts and steaks. I’ve shared a few recipes already including Moroccan Roast Lamb and Lamb and Yoghurt Stuffed Aubergines but I’ve learnt so many other ways of cooking it I’ve got a lot more lamb recipes up my sleeve!

This time I’m sharing my recipe for lamb skewers, which are a really quick and delicious week-day meal that is easy to make, can go with a variety of side dishes, and always tastes great! It’s also something you can prepare in advance and then grill just before serving but I don’t ever feel the need to prepare this in advance as it’s so quick. Continue reading

The Lobster Kitchen, London

lobster kitchen londonI stumbled upon the Lobster Kitchen purely by chance, it’s so tiny I probably would have missed if I hadn’t known it was there! Tucked away in a corner just off Tottenham Court Road lies this little lobster gem. I’m a big fan of lobster, particularly when it’s just cooked simply, either steamed or grilled with just a touch of butter.

I was definitely excited to try this place, especially with its reasonable pricing (reasonable for London that is). The decor is simple, yet inviting with long benches where you can share a table with a stranger, and bar stools to take advantage of all the space available in this small restaurant. Furniture is mostly wooden and rustic looking, with traditional lobster cages hanging from the ceiling- a nice touch. Continue reading

Mexican Salad with Avocado, Coriander & Lime Dressing

mexican-style-saladIt’s not summer anymore, and the weather is definitely not hot anymore, but every so often I still crave a really refreshing and colourful salad. There’s a Mexican style salad that I absolutely adore at The Cheesecake Factory called the ‘grilled chicken tostada salad‘, which is made up of huge corn tortillas topped with garlicky chicken breast, black beans, fresh corn, avocado cream, plenty of shredded lettuce, and lots of other colourful and tasty ingredients. It’s my absolute favourite thing on their menu. I wanted to create a version of this that I could enjoy at home, seeing as we’re not lucky enough to have a Cheesecake Factory restaurant here in the UK. This salad is packed full of flavour, it’s easy to make, and can accompany pretty much any meal. I ate this with some nachos and a grilled chicken breast, delicious! Continue reading

SuperStar BBQ, Central St Giles, London

superstar korean bbq londonI’ve recently developed an interest for Korean cuisine, after visiting Bibimbap on Charlotte Street, London. So when I came across Superstar BBQ and its innovative concept, I wanted to try it for myself. The restaurant is new and modern and set in a really great central London location, walking distance from all the best tourist attractions. The space is large, with high ceilings and a modern minimalist decor. Each table is fitted with a grill, allowing guests to cook their own BBQ ingredients at the table, making for a really fun, relaxed atmosphere. Continue reading

Ham & Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Thighs

ham and mozzarella stuffed chicken thighsChicken thighs are my favourite part of the chicken as they hold the most flavour and they’re so tender. I normally buy boneless chicken thighs, flatten them out, season and just grill them and enjoy them with some salad and tzatziki sauce. But this time I thought I’d try something different, and I’m so glad I did. These stuffed chicken thighs are so tasty, the flavour combination goes really well and they’re not as difficult to make as it appears. The first few times I made them I couldn’t quite figure out how to roll them, keep them in place, and make sure the filling didn’t all fall out. So now, I rely on toothpicks to keep everything in place and it works a treat! Try it yourself and let me know what you think in the comments section below. Continue reading

Madrid: the Perfect Weekend Break

Royal Palace in MadridMadrid is the perfect weekend trip if you’re looking for somewhere with variety. The weather is fantastic, the streets are filled with tourists and locals, and there’s so much to do in this vibrant city you’ll be spoilt for choice.

My recommendation if you’re going for a short trip to Madrid and want to see all the sights, is to get a weekend pass on a hop-on hop-off tour bus. There are two lines in Madrid, and cover the entire city, stopping at all the interesting sights like the Royal Palace (pictured above), and Puerta de Alcala (pictured below). You can get on and off the bus as you please, allowing you to see everything over a short period of time. A two day adult pass on the Madrid City Tour costs only 25 Euros, and makes travelling around the city a lot more convenient. Continue reading