The Orange Tree, Newcastle Under Lyme

orange tree bar & grillThe Orange Tree Bar & Grill is one of the coolest places to eat in the Stoke on Trent area. It hasn’t been around for all that long but has already made a good impression because every time I’ve been there the place is always packed! 

Having been to this place quite a few times already, I find it a bit difficult to make up my mind whether I totally love it or not. It’s a bit hit and miss to be honest.

The first time I went I loved it; I had a mixed sharing starter with feta stuffed mushrooms, belly pork, tempura king prawns and BBQ mini ribs, which was delicious, followed by a meaty and juicy burger. Being the first time I tried this new place, I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t wait to go back. But when I did go back and ordered the same starter, the stuffed mushrooms were raw and stone cold, so I sent them back saying I couldn’t eat them and not only did the waitress not even apologise or replace them, but I was still charged!  

It was just one bad experience but it left a mark, especially when the place is not exactly cheap. Generally the food has been good, and pretty varied. I’ve had everything from a burger, to a beef skewer with a lovely hoisin sauce, to a trio of lamb meat cooked in three different ways, to a king prawn skewer with garlic butter sauce, to a delicious chicken sandwich on a thick home made ciabatta. Good variety, great for all tastes, and a fun place to eat. Presentation is always impressive (as you can see from their Facebook page), and the service is pretty good, apart from my one bad experience. 

The menu is varied and updated quite often, which makes it interesting, the food is generally of good quality and the atmosphere in this place is elegant yet relaxed. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly good value for money because it’s not cheap, but at the end of the day I would consider it a fair price for the quality of food.

Would I recommend this place? Yes, because in Stoke on Trent, these kind of restaurants are few and far between!

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