Solita, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Pizza Fries from SolitaThe same person who recommended this restaurant, also recommended Hickory’s Smokehouse, so you can’t go wrong with friends like these! A really great find in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I have only good things to say about Solita and would recommend it to anyone who has a big appetite! The food is of extremely good quality, the menu is varied and updated often. This place uses an ‘Inca oven’ so everything tastes extra succulent and packed with flavour.

The first time I went to this place I had the ‘Mac Daddy’ burger (pictured below), which was a burger where the bun was replaced with fried mac n’ cheese. Need I say more? I barely ate half of it because the portion sizes are pretty huge, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Sadly though, it’s no longer on the menu 😦 No idea why it was taken off, but maybe they’ll put it back on some day.

I’ve also tried the ‘once in a lifetime’ which is more of a challenge than a meal! But, again, I couldn’t fault the quality of ingredients. It has pretty much everything in it; pulled pork, chicken schnitzel, beef patty, onion ring, chow chow slaw, Monterey Jack cheese and BBQ sauce. It’s the biggest burger I’ve ever seen, but the flavour is all there.

Mac Daddy burger from SolitaI’ve tried a lot of menu items; the buttermilk fried chicken is good, although lacks in seasoning a bit so I did have to get extra gravy just to add some flavour to the chicken. I also tried a super unhealthy side dish called ‘Pizza Fries’ (check out the first pic), essentially fries covered with melted cheese and pepperoni. The first few bites were nice but it very quickly became too heavy and sickly, so only got through about a third of it before giving up.

Anyway, I recommend trying Solita next time you’re in Manchester, the atmosphere in this place is great, relaxed and casual, just what a burger place should be!

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