Steak & Lobster, Manchester

steak and lobster manchester restaurant reviewWhen I heard about Steak & Lobster, I thought it sounded genius. The idea is simple: you can either choose steak, or lobster, or both! No need to read through a menu, no need to make any ‘tough choices’ and it’s good for me as my boyfriend loves steak and I’m crazy about lobster!

The restaurant was quite quiet when I visited, which meant the atmosphere was a bit lacking, and as it’s set within a posh hotel, it feels a bit pretentious for a place that’s supposed to be affordable and relaxed. There were three of us at the table but we felt we couldn’t relax and have an animated conversation as the place was so quiet it felt like you needed to whisper.

The food was good though. The lobster was served whole, with the tools to get through the tough skin, which takes a while and is a bit of a messy experience but it definitely ensures that the fresh taste of the lobster isn’t lost. The steak was also good, although on the small side. The meals come with unlimited chips and salad, which we definitely took advantage of as the portion sizes are quite small.

All in all, a good experience, but did it blow my mind? Not really. I’d recommend it simply for the fact that you can get a tasty lobster for £18 which is rare, however, there are better places to choose from in Manchester where you can have a better experience. Maybe if I go back when the restaurant is busier and more lively, I might change my mind.

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