Bibimbap, Charlotte Street, London

bibimbap korean restaurant charlotte street londonI often go to London for work, and the office is located on Charlotte street, a prime destination for all food lovers. The area is filled with all kinds of culinary delights from Mediterranean food, to Chinese, Mexican, vegetarian, and more. Whatever your preference, whatever your budget, you’ll find something for you on Charlotte Street.

So it was during one of my work trips to London that I came across this little gem: Bibimbap, a Korean restaurant specialising in this Korean national dish called (surprise, surprise) bibimbap! It’s served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with vegetables, meat or fish, and the optional addition of a raw or fried egg on top. It’s served in a hot stone bowl, and the trick is to stir all the ingredients very well, and add the miso and chili sauces that are brought to your table.

I don’t have much experience with Korean food, so was instantly curious to try it out. It’s a small restaurant with a really casual and friendly atmosphere. The menu is extensive and offers plenty of choice for all tastes, including plenty of vegetarian options.

I went for the mixed seafood bibimbap, which included prawns, mussels, and squid, and a side of steamed tofu accompanied by iced green tea. The bibimbap was delicious, with so many different ingredients and a really generous portion of seafood, especially squid which is my favourite kind! The steamed tofu was also delicious, it’s so easy for tofu to be completely tasteless but this had a nice soy marinade which added much needed flavour.

The price was also very reasonable, especially considering I always expect to pay more in London. I look forward to eating here again and would recommend this to anyone who likes Asian flavours and wants to try something a bit different!

There’s a sister restaurant located in Soho too if you’re in the neighborhood.


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