SuperStar BBQ, Central St Giles, London

superstar korean bbq londonI’ve recently developed an interest for Korean cuisine, after visiting Bibimbap on Charlotte Street, London. So when I came across Superstar BBQ and its innovative concept, I wanted to try it for myself. The restaurant is new and modern and set in a really great central London location, walking distance from all the best tourist attractions. The space is large, with high ceilings and a modern minimalist decor. Each table is fitted with a grill, allowing guests to cook their own BBQ ingredients at the table, making for a really fun, relaxed atmosphere.

As a Korean BBQ newbie, I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle this menu, but the staff are so helpful they give really good recommendations on what to order, and even show you how to cook your food properly, how to wrap it in lettuce leaves and eat it in the traditional way. I started by ordering their famous ‘KFC’, in other words Korean Fried Chicken. I was intrigued by it and tried it with the kimchi mayo sauce. That was surprisingly delicious and delifinitely top of my list next time I visit this place!

For BBQ I went with the squid, tiger prawns and rib eye, accompanied by kimchi, miso and lettuce leaves, and some vegetable noodles. The ingredients are top quality and taste really fresh; it’s fun to cook your own food at your table, and they provide you with a choice of sauces to accompany your food. The only downside I found was that the portions were pretty small, so make sure you order plenty when you visit. This can turn out to be quite pricey as the menu items aren’t cheap, but it’s a unique experience that you don’t find everywhere. I highly recommend the prawns, they were huge!

superstar korean bbq londonI was curious about desert, as with most Asian restaurants, desert options aren’t vast but it sounded interesting. I went for something called a ‘Original Super Snow Ball’, and although I can’t remember every single ingredient on there it’s basically a small bowl with some shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, red bean paste, dried fruits and some kind of chocolate/caramel sauce. It was odd, but I really enjoyed it!

So, would I recommend this restaurant? Definitely! The atmosphere is great, the food is top quality and the experience is really fun! Be prepared to pay quite a bit in the end, but hopefully it’s worth it!

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