The Lobster Kitchen, London

lobster kitchen londonI stumbled upon the Lobster Kitchen purely by chance, it’s so tiny I probably would have missed if I hadn’t known it was there! Tucked away in a corner just off Tottenham Court Road lies this little lobster gem. I’m a big fan of lobster, particularly when it’s just cooked simply, either steamed or grilled with just a touch of butter.

I was definitely excited to try this place, especially with its reasonable pricing (reasonable for London that is). The decor is simple, yet inviting with long benches where you can share a table with a stranger, and bar stools to take advantage of all the space available in this small restaurant. Furniture is mostly wooden and rustic looking, with traditional lobster cagesĀ hanging from the ceiling- a nice touch.

So, now I’ve covered decor, location and atmosphere let’s get onto the food! The menu is not massive, which is just what you want in a place that says it specialises in Lobster! There are other options on the menu including crab and meat, but why would you go to a lobster place and order anything else?

lobster roll from lobster kitchen londonI ordered the mini lobster rolls, a side of chips and some deep fried clams. I went back the next day for lunch and tried the lobster mac n cheese. The lobster rolls were great, just what you need; fresh cooked lobster, garlic butter, a sweet brioche bun, delicious! The clams were interesting, I loved the first few, especially drizzling some lemon juice on top and dipping them in some hot sauce, but after getting halfway through the portion I stopped enjoying them; they’re slightly too greasy and heavy, so if you want to try them I recommend sharing them! And the mac n cheese? Same story really, the first few mouthfulls are delicious, with a generous helping of lobster, plenty of cheese, and crispy breadcrumb topping. But after getting halfway through it just feels a bit too heavy.


fried clams and lobster mac n cheeseSo would I recommend this restaurant? Certainly! Don’t expect to get the most decadent and luxurious lobster, it’s a simple restaurant with a simple menu and reasonable prices. I recommend the lobster rolls, and the rest is up to you!

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