Nosh & Quaff, Birmingham

nosh and quaff lobster restaurant birmingham

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed with lobster. I’ve written about lobster restaurants like Lobster Kitchen in London and Steak and Lobster in Manchester in my quest to find a place in the UK that rivals the lobster you find in some areas of the States, but doesn’t break the bank. So far I’ve come across some delicious places in the UK but none that ever came close enough.

But I’m delighted to reveal that I have come across a lobster restaurant that truly rivals the places I visited in Florida. Nosh & Quaff in Birmingham is a real find, and should be on your target list next time you visit the city. It’s located right in the centre, so the perfect place to have lunch while doing some shopping. The restaurant is set in a beautiful historical building, and most of the original features have been preserved, making this a stunning location to dine in as well as offering some really delicious food!

The menu is not huge, which is a bonus in a place like this. Whenever I see a really long menu I always feel a bit scared; can a restaurant really cook all of these dishes perfectly? So seeing a small menu with just a handful of items tells me that this place has confidence in what they’re serving and don’t need to impress you with a 20 page menu! As well as lobster, there are a couple of meat options including burgers, wings and ribs, for those who aren’t keen on seafood.

But the star of the place is of course the lobster itself. Served whole with all the tools and a bib, accompanied by a silky butter sauce, chips and salad, it’s time to get stuck in and get your hands dirty! They serve quite large lobsters, which was a real surprise. For the price I was expecting a small lobster like the one I had at Steak & Lobster so I was really happy when I found it was pretty large! I got really stuck in and ended up with lobster juices running all the way to my elbows but who cares?!? I also tried the beef ribs which were juicy and packed full of flavour, as well as something called a ‘blooming onion’  which is a big crispy onion deep fried in seasoned flour served with house sauce; it tasted just as good as it sounds!

All in all, the meal was fantastic, the lobster is a good size and great value for money. I left feeling happy and really full and I can’t wait to go back! Next time you’re shopping in Birmingham, head on over to Nosh & Quaff you’ll love it!

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