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I’ve always lived a bit of a gypsy lifestyle moving around all the time. This taught me so many valuable life skills. But above all it taught me to love travel and to be open minded to all new experiences.

Let me give you a bit of background. I was born in Montreux (Switzerland) then moved to Lisbon (Portugal) by the age of 1. Shortly after, we moved to Barcelona (Spain) before moving back to Portugal, making a stop in Porto (Portugal) and Braga (Portugal) before ending up in Milan (Italy) for a few years. All of this by the age of 10!

By the time I started secondary school we were living in London (UK) and a few years later moved to The Hague (Holland) before ending up in Paris (France) where I finished high school aged 18.

This is when I got the chance to actually ‘pick’ where I would live and decided to study at a University in the UK. With so many to choose from I ended up in Guildford, Surrey so I could be close to London. I’ve stayed in the UK ever since even though I did end up moving around a bit during this time, with a short stint in Glasgow, before settling in the north of England where I now live and work.

Although I love this country, and have made it my own for almost a decade, it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to continue to travel as much as possible and get to know as many cultures, cuisines and experiences as I can.

Having a full time job and a limited income means I can’t travel as much as I would want to (which would be every day!) but I take every chance I can get to grab a good deal and travel to a new place.

This blog is where I document my own experience while travelling to new (or some not-so-new) destinations. All experiences are my own and I don’t get paid to write any of this! I’ve also learnt and developed some tasty recipes along the way, so I like to share them on here too.

I hope you enjoy reading and I hope some of my experiences can help you make your mind up about where to go and what to do. You’ll soon find out that I am obssessed with food and this forms a large part of all my travel activities! I’m also obssessed with sunshine (probably because I live in the UK) and ever since my first trip to the US, have become obssessed with Las Vegas (who can blame me?).

Please enjoy reading and feel free to comment. But also, please be respectful of others and myself. I will not tolerate bad behaviour on my blog. My house, my rules!

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