Nosh & Quaff, Birmingham

nosh and quaff lobster restaurant birmingham

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed with lobster. I’ve written about lobster restaurants like Lobster Kitchen in London and Steak and Lobster in Manchester in my quest to find a place in the UK that rivals the lobster you find in some areas of the States, but doesn’t break the bank.┬áSo far I’ve come across some delicious places in the UK but none that ever came close enough.

But I’m delighted to reveal that I have come across a lobster restaurant that truly rivals the places I visited in Florida. Nosh & Quaff in Birmingham is a real find, and should be on your target list next time you visit the city. It’s located right in the centre, so the perfect place to have lunch while doing some shopping. The restaurant is set in a beautiful historical building, and most of the original features have been preserved, making this a stunning location to dine in as well as offering some really delicious food! Continue reading